Kenny Cheung will run New York Marathon to build a library and support 3 students in rural China

Goal:$2,000 to Overseas China Educaiton Foundation (OCEF)
Cause:Build a library and buy sports equipment for Qiaotou elementary school in Guannan County, Yunnan Province

Hi, I'm Kenny Cheung. I will run New York Marathon on Nov 3rd. My goal is to raise $2,000.

For the first $1,000, it could build a library in Qiaotou elementary school in Guannan County, Yunnan Province. Please take a look at the following pictures. This small school is within beautiful mountains, which has a lot of underprivileged students. Look at their beds must be put in the classroom because they don't have enough dorms. They don't have a dedicated library either and all books are put in a classroom which are very old. Please help them own more new books. The volunteers of OCEF will buy about 350 new books using this $1,000 donation.

For the second $1,000, it will be used to buy sports equipment packages for each class. There will be basketball, football, etc in the package which could provide a lot of fun for these young and poor students.

I'll run my best on Nov 3rd. Thank you all!